The Philadelphia Project (TPP) is:

A Holistic ministry: Jesus was passionate about loving the whole person, and so is The Philadelphia Project. For TPP, this means that we involve youth in meeting people’s physical, spiritual, emotional, and social needs. We encourage teenagers to share the love of God through their actions and when possible, their words.

A ministry of our community: Their ministry exists to meet the needs of the community. Through partnerships with youth, churches, and college students, TPP seeks to meet housing needs, as well as emotional and spiritual needs. Though thier past focus is to address the current housing situation for our neighborhoods, TPP seeks to fill other voids that God may ask their outreach to serve.

A ministry of relationships: 100% of their service our youth are involved in is a direct result of the continued ministry of the local Church. They are committed to building meaningful relationships with those in need in order to accomplish many different Christ-centered goals. Philadelphia is their home - and they serve here all year long.

The Philadelphia Project