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Check out the Parents page for information regarding Fuel After School policies & procedures, as well as downloadable copies of the Parent Handbook, Academic Calendar, and Tuition Contract.

Who We Are
The Children's Ministries at The Philadelphia Project seek to enrich the young lives of our neighborhood. Through Fuel After School, ReFuel Summer Camps, and The Philadelphia Project Preschool launching this Fall, The Philadelphia Project, in partnership with the local church, provides a safe environment for children to grow. 

What We Do
In partnership with the local church, The Philadelphia Project provides families with a low-cost, safe environment to send their children. We seek to provide a holistic learning environment for the kids in our neighborhood of Philadelphia. At Fuel After School, we engage in homework assistance, Biblical devotions, elective club activities, service projects, and special events! At ReFuel Summer Camps, we spend time at play, growing in our Christian faith, partaking in elective classes, and participating in songs, games, and more. We're about having the best day every day in pursuit of the spiritual, emotional, and physical growth of our neighborhood kids. 

Why We're Here
We believe that every child, no matter race, creed, or socio-economic make up deserves a chance for a safe learning environment. We believe that our community deserves an opportunity for growth and that the children in our neighborhood can benefit from our ministries. To learn more about The Philadelphia Project, please visit our website